It’s been 3 years since I’ve started my experience as a freelancer and I’m loving it every day. A while ago I’ve posted an article about my decision and I was really happy when I’ve started to receive messages from people asking me different questions about how to start their career as a freelancer.

Also, I was excited when I received an email from Invoice2Go asking me to give 3 tips for the new freelancers. The outcome was a really interesting infographic for freelancers around the world.

First of all my 3 tips:

1. You really need to be smart about your money, since you’re going to face “Hell Yeah!” and “Hell No!” financial months.
2. Don’t fall into the trap of overworking just because you are afraid to loose clients otherwise, you will spend a lot of your time doing volunteer work.
3. Unfortunately you will have to deal also with awful clients, nevertheless, keep your emotions in control at all times.

You can find the original article and other great advices here.