DQM Group

About DQM Group Formed in 1996, DQM Group, became famous helping organizations protect their valuable data assets. Most Important Tasks Increase Data IQ registrations via Social Media Channels: Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Share a mix of relevant links, engaging content, videos, and polls Identify Key People to approach and invite [...]

ASI Datamyte

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About ASI Datamyte ASI DATAMYTE, Inc. is the world leader in providing innovative Quality Solutions: integrated solutions for managing quality, quality improvement and reducing the cost of quality. Most Important Tasks Creation and implementation of data driven search engine optimization of PPC marketing campaigns on Google Adwords Drive inbound [...]

Point Shout

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About Point Shout Point Shout is a mobile app service where companies can check what their clients think about the service that they offer via a survey. In return the app users receive a promotion. Most Important Tasks Creating the Brand Identity Coordinating and Developing website Coordinating and Developing mobile [...]