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Sachs Property

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About Sachs Property Sachs Property underpins its property selection with deeply researched economic analysis and provides clients with access to a panel of independent professionals to assist them build a global portfolio. We advocate client education as well as investment structuring for wealth, family and tax planning. Investors are comforted in the knowledge [...]

Tours Tuscany – Travel Agency


About Tours Tuscany Tuscany Tours is a small business that is owned and operated by Pamela Mercer and Samuel Hilt, a couple from Sonoma County, California, who now spend much of their time living in a small medieval village near Siena, Italy. They organize tours for Americans in Italy, France and Spain. [...]

ASI Datamyte

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About ASI Datamyte ASI DATAMYTE, Inc. is the world leader in providing innovative Quality Solutions: integrated solutions for managing quality, quality improvement and reducing the cost of quality. Most Important Tasks Creation and implementation of data driven search engine optimization of PPC marketing campaigns on Google Adwords Drive inbound [...]

Thresher Cove


About Thresher Cove Thresher Cove is a luxury dive and vacation resort situated in a private bay on the unspoiled east side of the Island of Malapascua. Just one tiny island of the 7,107 that make up the Philippine Archipelago. Most Important Tasks Coordinating website developing Managing Social Media presence: [...]